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*trigger warning* I am not promoting anything ! I post how i feel & how i want to look. I suffer from anorexia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder & some other stuff. I love making new friends so send me a message if you want. ht 5'7 1/2" cw - 133 (feb 18)


Traumkörper (zusammengepuzzelt)

as a former food addict and obsessor of my own self image, i don't think you're doing recovery right. if you really wanna get better, drop your blog. stop writing and thinking about ED. destroy your scale. don't take selfies. get rid of razor blades. yes, it's that easy & you know it. forget everything about your ED. drop it and move on. the only thing that's keeping this huge boulder on your shoulders is you. just because you've morphed your back to support it doesn't mean you can't thow it off


I wish i could delete this blog and move on but its really not that easy


i submitted. will you post?


Yes sorry ! Posting now.

We're the same height and weight! What's your goal weight? I suffer from anorexia too.. Sorry to hear that you do as well :(

My goal weight is 110 ! How about you ?

when you lose weight, do you simply not eat at all? if so, how do you keep yourself from not eating? I want to lose weight too and i'm just depressed with my body right now ..


Try eating healthy and exercising. I’m sorry i don’t give out unhealthy tips.